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Setting the Tone

Leadership Program
DexKo NEXT Leadership Program

The DexKo NEXT program, an immersive and dynamic learning experience, is for top-performing talent from across DexKo, to further their development as business leaders, ensuring that they and DexKo are even more prepared for what’s next on our exciting journey together.  Over nine months, participants are engaged through training workshops, leading strategic business projects, professional leadership coaching, and deeper exposure to our executive and global leaders.  To date, more than 65 leaders from a dozen countries in every functional area of the business have participated in the program.  More than 35% of the program graduates have been promoted within DexKo, and the current retention rate for our NEXT graduates is over 90%.

Leadership Essentials
Focusing on Leadership Essentials

Supervisors and managers from across DexKo participate in this targeted training series to further develop related skills and better understand our expectations when leading teams. Participants sharpen valuable skills related to managing performance, communicating with impact, resolving conflict, change management, and other topics contributing to leaders’ success within DexKo. Over 150 team leaders have had the opportunity to participate in the program.

Making a Difference Together
IMPACT – Making a Difference Together

DexKo launched the IMPACT program as part of our ongoing efforts to affect positive change, both inside and outside of DexKo. The IMPACT program includes four key ongoing focuses. The first, IMPACT “Scholar,” is our company-funded program that awards tuition assistance to selected children or grandchildren of DexKo employees. Students meeting the eligibility requirements compete for the opportunity to get up to four years of tuition assistance funded by DexKo. The second program is IMPACT “Give.”  IMPACT Give establishes a partnership between DexKo and a selected charity committed to improving educational opportunities for struggling families in disadvantaged communities. The third focus is IMPACT “Shield,” our peer-funded assistance program, which receives contributions from DexKo employees to support fellow DexKo employees.  DexKo guarantees a minimum funding balance so we can all work together to help those in the DexKo team when they need it most.  Finally, IMPACT “Community” focuses our attention on the fantastic efforts and activities of our teams worldwide as they look to make an impact locally.  From food drives and sponsoring families over the holidays to donating time, our teams are driven to give back locally to positively impact the communities in which we work, live, and operate. 

Prioritizing People

Transformation You Can Feel
Changes You Can See, Transformation You Can Feel

We are proud of the great team we have at DexKo and we want our people to feel proud of the facility in which they work. There is an ongoing focus around the company to continuously improve all areas of our business, and that includes the workspaces for our employees. Many upgrades, remodels, and refreshes have been done around the organization and many more are planned or underway. Together, we will continue to make progress improving and maintaining our facilities around the world.

Fostering Transparency
Fostering Transparency in All We Do

The connection our teams have to each other, to DexKo, and our communities have a tremendous impact on the overall success of DexKo.  Our objective is to understand what they are a part of, where we are going together, and how they can make a difference.  We are committed to communicating openly and often, from regular team meetings and locally hosted town halls to quarterly all-employee meetings and many other outlets. 

Core of Caring
Safety Is the Core of Caring

At DexKo, the health and safety of our employees are always a top priority.  Through consistent and frequent communication, training, and sharing of best practices, we can proudly say that even as our employee base has grown over 40% since the start of 2016, we have significantly reduced safety incidents in the same period.  We are focused on continuing to make these positive strides.  We actively foster the safety culture through daily safety talks, regular safety stand-downs, employee safety committees, and focus groups.  Together is not only better when it comes to safety, it is essential. 


Our employees depend on us for a safe, positive, and rewarding work environment. See what it's like to be a member of our team!